an American day in Egypt

Chile's has never look that good. It's funny how things that you would never visit in the US are so appealing after you've spent some time in a foreign country. We walked to Chile's in Golf City from our house in Cairo. After a lunch, including French Fries and unlimited refills of iced tea (that's right, ice) L. and I went to Starbucks where we sat for 3 hours sharing the computer to use the internet. After that we took a cab to City Stars, the best mall in Cairo, to catch Sherlock Holmes with movie theater popcorn. What luxury! The movie theater was nicer than ours in Fredericksburg and was way less expensive. We got our movie tickets and 3 popcorns (L. had two), drinks, and cotton candy for under $20. Recharged for the last week of our trip!

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