Good Intentions and Knitting

Back in February I was thinking about what knitting means to me. When I knit something for myself or for someone else what exactly am I knitting into my project, besides yards and yards of gorgeous fiber? After ruminating on it for a while I came to the conlcusion that knitting is full of intentions. I truly believe that
knitting is one of the best vessels for sending out good intentions into the world. Every stitch is a meditation on the good things- love, happiness, warmth, comfort- that you want for another person.

I took this idea and ran with it. I wanted a way for the lucky recipients of my handknits to know what my gift truly means, the intentions that I knit into their gift. After unsuccessfully finding a font that looks like yarn (not a fan of rodeo) I went the old fashioned route of cardstock, glue, merino wool yarn, and a camera and wrote out the letters by hand. Using photoshop to do the rest I came up with the Good Intentions Knit Cards. They finally arrived in the mail today and I am so happy with the result.

Why not let the lucky recipients of your beautiful handknits know what good intentions you were meditating on when you made their gift? Get a pack today at Worldknits on Etsy.

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