One Week in Wien

My first week in Austria was spent mostly meeting and visiting with A.'s aunts, uncles, and cousins in Vienna. We went from house to restaurant to house eating and drinking. If I had been keeping a diary of the trip many of the days' entries would be, "Today we ate." I love the Austrian tradition of cake and coffee between lunch and dinner. I think one day I actually had 4 pieces of different cakes- one for breakfast, dessert for lunch, cake and coffee, and dessert for dinner. In between meals A. and I managed to get in some sight seeing. To introduce us to the city, A.'s cousin scheduled a Segway tour. It was surprisingly easy and fun and okay, a bit nerdy. Check out my skills.

Here are some more photos from our week in Wien.

Segway Tour

We went to the open air opera with friends of A.'s family and saw Der Fledermaus.

Decorated carriage horse 

The roof of St. Stephen's Cathedral 

Famous Sacher Torte from Hotel Sacher 

Immature, but I couldn't resist

Hofburg Palace (Winter) 

Playing in the Karl Martin art installation in the Theseus Temple

Schonbrunn Palace (Summer) down the street from where we are staying

Alex & Alex in the gardens of Schonbrunn

A day at the tiergarten Schonbrunn (zoo)

Tichy Ice Cream Shop 

Tasty cool treat from Tichy 

We rode the swings at the Prater Amusement Park

Schweizerhaus Stelze (a crispy skinned leg of pork)

Neon lights of the Prater Amusement Park

We had the most fun playing in one of the many fun houses at Prater Park. The beauty of this amusement park is that you pay per ride, usually between 2.50 and 5 euros.

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  1. Thanks for posting all this! Looks like so much fun & the torte - was it as delicious as it looks?!?!


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