Soundtrack of a Sweater: Copper Canyon Pullover

The Copper Canyon Pullover is rustic, warm, and relaxed with an allover slipped stitch rib, raglan sleeves, and a henley front placket. Made from Cascade's Eco Wool (available in a number of gorgeous natural colors), this pullover will keep the cold at bay.

I designed this sweater for my little brother (the model), who lives in Colorado and is huge into outdoor activities. Wool is the original fleece and I wanted something to keep him warm whether he's out on the slopes, sitting around a camp fire, or riding his bike around town in the fall and winter. While my brother is fashion conscious, he feels that anything heavily patterned, like an aran sweater, is too flashy for him to wear. You can see my dilemma as a knitter, because the patterning is what makes a garment fun to knit. I think the slipped stitch rib is a happy medium, subtle enough so that he feels comfortable in it, and interesting enough for me so that I don't fall asleep at the needles.

I hope that the men in your life enjoy wearing this as much as you'll enjoy knitting it.

Happy knitting!


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PS As always, I hope you enjoy the music I was listening to while designing and knitting this sweater.

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