2014 - The Year of the (First) Book

I'm thrilled to share that I'm working on my first book! It's a collection of 19 brand new designs, both garments and accessories, that are a modern take on classic feminine silhouettes. The designs in the book can be styled for the office, the weekend, and a night out. I love the act of dressing and with the designs in this book you will too!

The book is slated for release in Fall of 2015. I know, that's so far away. Alas, I need time to write the patterns and knit the samples, and my publisher needs time to take photographs and put it all together. Fear not; follow me on Instagram and Facebook to get extra special sneak peeks of the process. In the meantime you can check out my back catalog here. If you'd like to receive an e-mail when the book is available and get a heads up when there's a new contest sign up here.

Piles of yarn have started arriving at my design studio. In the next 9 months I'll be knitting through 39,888 yards (22.5 miles) of yarn, making 15 garments (pullovers, cardigans, and dresses!) and 4 accessories. I've organized the projects and am ready to get my needles moving. To celebrate I'd like to offer my fans a chance to win a knitting book that will help you get organized, too. Good luck!

Contest #1- Win a Copy of Knit Notes - US Residents

In the comments below, share how you like to organize your knits- baskets, project bags, ravelry, spreadsheets, etc.- and tell me from what state you come. I'll randomly select one winner in a week's time. Check back on Monday, February 17 to see if you've won. (sorry, anonymous commenters can't win)

Contest #2 - Win Your Choice of One Worldknits Pattern - Citizens of the World

In the comments below, share how you like to organize your knits- baskets, project bags, ravelry, spreadsheets, etc.- and tell me from what country you come. I'll randomly select one winner in a weeks time. Check back on Monday, February 17 to see if you've won. (sorry, anonymous commenters can't win)


  1. I'm from Vermont, and I use Ravelry to keep track of my projects and one big cardboard box to hold my stash. It might not be the most organized, but it works!

  2. (And if I'm allowed to enter Contest #2 as well, I'd like to!)

  3. I'm from Fredericksburg by way of Oklahoma and I "organize" (and yes, I use that term very loosely!) in a large coffee table with a sliding top. I have plans for a "woman cave" where I can properly organize all my goodies.

  4. Fredericksburg, VA
    I use the good old ikea expedit shelves and my habit of reorganizing every few months to keep everything fresh in my mind.

  5. Stafford, VA
    Mobile projects move around in bags, but more complex projects that don't travel so well - like the Fair Isle baby hat I'm working on - stay at home on a high (read: not reachable by my little people) shelf.

  6. I organize my projects on Ravelry as far as the documentation goes. I try to work on only one at a time (a difficult thing to do) and keep everything in my knitting bag, ready to go.

  7. I'm from Minnesota. I use Ravelry to orginize my projects and patterns. I also have a notebook that I record projects and yarn scraps in, as well as ideas and plans. My stash is in plastic tubs under my bed, and I *try* to have it on Ravelry. Currant projects when not being worked on live on the bookshelf. I have plans for making some project bags for better storage.

  8. I live in North Carolina, USA, out by the coast.
    I rely on project bags to keep my knitting organized. Trying desperately to finish up my WIP's, even as I buy new yarn and start new projects. Keeping my yarn and pattern together in a bag is great for me, since I often grab one to work on while my husband drives. If there's any chance I'll have to wait somewhere, I'll bring my knitting along.
    The Projects pages on Ravelry have encouraged me to better keep track of things as my project goes along, everything from date begun/ended to yardage used to changes made along the way to making sure I take photos of the during and after.

  9. I live in Manhattan, which of course is in the US.

    I try to keep things organized. I have a lot of stash. It's kept in bins in my daughter's bedroom, sorted by weight and then misc.

    Congrats on the book contract, and good luck!

  10. I have my digital patterns stored on Ravelry as well as all my project notes of course. Some of my yarn is stored by weights in plastic storage towers, but then I have a bit of a disaster going on with the rest. Bins, boxes, project bags, baskets... It kind of takes over the house. Thankfully my husband understands and just shifts things out of his way as needed. I really do need to get on top of it though! Oh! And I'm from "Friendly" (or this winter, fridgid) Manitoba, Canada! :)

  11. Columbia, MD

    I keep my stash in two plastic bins, one for yarn needed for my current WIPS and things at the top of my ravelry queue, a second for the rest of the stash. I have three needle cases, one for my KnitPicks interchangables, one for sock circulars, and one for larger sized circulars. Each needle case has a few tapestry needles, cutters, gauges, etc. stashed in it. I also have a small case for my crochet hooks. When I finish a project I photograph any unused yarn and upload the picture to Ravelry so I know what remnants look like in my stash.

  12. Most of my unallocated yarn (you know, yarn bought because it was pretty) is disorganized on two bookshelves, but I have a hamper full of yarn in the corner of my bedroom, scraps in a basket atop a bookshelf, and a shoe organizer filled with yarn hanging in a closet. I do try to keep the patterns and yarn for particular projects in separate bags. Tote bags, quilted bags, plastic bags--I have bags with yarn and patterns and books hidden under beds, in closets, in bookshelves, on top of bookshelves...Oh dear, I think I need to start working on some projects. I wonder if I have more yarn hidden somewhere I've forgotten?


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