handspun yak or my new favorite yarn

My parents just got back from a three month adventure to South East Asia. They bounced around Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, and China and along the way kept their eyes peeled for anything knitting related. While they were in southern China they finally came across a gift they could bring home. Check out this gorgeous handspun yak, bought straight from the farmer. I have two pounds of this!!!

I'm thinking that I'd like to make a jacket out of it, as yak isn't the softest thing in the world (think horse blanket). There is a gorgeous jacket in Vogue Knitting Fall 2006 that I think might be perfect for this yarn. I'd need to dye it, but that should make the project even more interesting. Not sure when I'll cast on as I already have too many balls in the air.

Cabled Fair Isle Cardigan
by Shirley Paden
Vogue Knitting Fall 2008

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