a chill in the air

This past week we got an early taste of winter weather. The temperatures dropped into the 30s and 40s and it rained and rained and rained. Stuck in the house I was left to knit (how wonderful).  I curled up with an afghan and spent my weekend on the sofa.

With winter around the corner I thought that it was probably a good idea to plan my marathon holiday knitting. I went through my stash, assigned projects to the yarn, photographed the yarn with the pattern, bagged it, and added the whole mess to Ravelry. I am so excited, lots of new projects to start. Here some of the photos:

Solomons Socks
my own design

Fingerless Gloves

Cabled Gloves
michele rose orne

Sculptured Lace Scarf
Kenny Chua

Herringbone Scarf
my own design

Retro Rib Socks
evelyn a. clark

Felted Slippers

Embossed Leaves 
mona schmidt

Fountain Lace Short-Sleeve Sweater
madeline weston

I was really excited to get a jump on the Fountain Lace Short-Sleeve Sweater. The yarn that I am using is a little bit thicker than what the pattern calls for. In order to adjust my gauge I had to do the rib on size 0 needles. Using size 0 needles with inflexible cotton is not very fun. After breaking a set I loosened my tension a bit. The rib was successfully completed however the number of increases called for in the setup row was incorrect. So after ripping that row I decided to use my new Adobe Illustrator skills to create a chart. It worked like a charm. In 4 short inches I will be able to start the armholes for the back. There is one thing I will change the next time I knit this. It will be knit in one piece in the round. The purling is going way slower than the knitting.  

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