fiber in the fall

October in Virginia is one of the prettiest times of year. The leaves start to turn golden yellows, pumpkin oranges, and deep crimsons while the air becomes crisp and cool. You couldn't ask for a better backdrop for the Fall Fiber Festival held at Montpelier plantation, the former home of James Madison and the Duponts.  This beautiful plantation in the foothills of the Blue Ridge mountains is also where my husband L. and I were married.

While fiber festivals are fun for knitters, they are especially enjoyed by spinners. The multitude of fiber breeds and colors makes me feel like a kid in a candy store and the fact that I can actually touch before I buy doesn't hurt either. 

My favorite fiber

This year L. and I met up with some friends from knit night. We started the morning with a delicious breakfast at Eileen's Bakery in Fredericksburg before the hour of car knitting it took to get to Montpelier. My friend R., a new spinner (who just purchased a beautiful wheel), could not wait to get her hands on some new fodder for her Rose.

The Montpelier fiber festival is tamer than Maryland Sheep and Wool. There are fewer vendors and no country fair style animal judging. The relaxed atmosphere of  the festival made for a nice morning of perusing stalls and fondling fiber. After a small snack of kettle corn and sparkling lemonade L. and I checked out the dogs. I really enjoyed the shepherding dog trials (something that I did not see at MD S&W). It's amazing how the dogs have the sheep on lockdown. 

I left the fair with two new fiber editions to my growing collection- cloud-like bunny angora and a super soft combed merino top dyed in reds and purples. I've never spun with angora, but I'm looking forward to the experience. I think I will use the merino to spin up lace weight for a shawl.

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