At 1 am on Friday L. and I made the treacherous 50-mile journey to Fairfax in the heavy snowstorm that hit DC. The drive to E.’s house was scary and I was really glad when we finally got there. Earlier that evening I found out that our flight had been cancelled. I called Northwest to figure out what was going on and after nearly 5 hours of being on hold and not reaching a live person I hung up. I figured it would be easier to talk to a ticket agent at the airport.

We left for the airport around one. When we got there a snide, sarcastic ticket agent greeted us. After arguing back and forth about getting on the next flight to Cairo we were told everything had already been rebooked and we would have to wait until Tuesday to fly. I was pretty irked by this news as it meant that we missed our Nile cruise (already paid for). Not only that, but it also meant that we missed 4 days from our trip, we were no longer going to Amsterdam, and that we had to fly with EgyptAir (I purposely paid an extra $200 per ticket when we booked our flight so we wouldn’t be flying EgyptAir). We received tickets to leave on Tuesday, fly into NYC, and then on to Cairo.

I guess the next few days I will be knitting in Fairfax as we wait to make our trip to Egypt.

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