This is what our snowstorm looked like from the air. 

L. and I finally left for our trip to Cairo today. We left early this morning for Dulles, got our tickets for the first leg of the trip to NYC and checked our bags on to Cairo. There was no panic, no mad dashes through the airport to catch our plane(some what of a change for us). The plane ride was pleasant- it left nearly on time and we both got single seats. So far so good. 

When we got to JFK we went to the Egypt Air ticket counter to get seat assignments for the second leg of our journey. Unfortunately that's not what happened. The ticket agent told us that we did not have reservations with them even though we had electronic tickets saying that in fact we did. The best that they could do was put us on standby. After a calm panic we went to the Northwest ticket counter. Unlike our experience on Saturday the ticket agent was incredibly helpful. After a log time of searching for flights to make this trip possible she found a flight headed to Amsterdam and then on to Cairo arriving on December 24. Our bags however were already headed to Egypt Air. We were assured that our bags would be pulled from the plane and that we could pick them up and recheck them on our KLM flight. After grabbing a beer and food we headed down to the domestic baggage claim to wait for our bags. We waited and waited and waited...no bags. After nearly 3 and a half hours of waiting and a plane boarding in less than an hour we had no luggage. 

Holding back tears, as this had already been an incredibly stressful trip, where nothing was seeming to go right, I spoke with the baggage claim handler who told us that it looked like our bags went on to Cairo. Her advice was to speak with EgyptAir upon our arrival (at 2:15am) to locate our bags. On a side note, we are planning on leaving on a camel caravan later that morning if we are able to book it. That means that L. and I will be stinky, without a clean change of clothes after two days of travel, with a two day trip into the desert. I can't see myself wearing the same clothes for 4 days in a row. Maybe I should've picked up some undies at the Victoria Secret in the airport.

This is what I have been working on off and on while waiting in the terminal all day.
Pattern: Rowan free gift with subscription cowl


  1. Oh good! It is a Travel blog, with photos of knitting! So much for your bags. The only time mine got lost was when I had to work in the UK. It was gone for a wk. My boss loaned me some clothes from his daughter. You're having to roll with a lot of punches... I think you'll need rest when you arrive in Cairo, but it will still be a Cairo-exotic rest! Nothing like a USA rest!
    Keep the blogs coming!!

  2. Ewe...TMI. I dont want to know about your underwear situation

  3. Hey. It now dawns on me, I can't stand that all of you are going to be gone that long so... Erin's agreed to let me make a life-size cut out of her & we'll record some erin sayings this evening for me to play back after we ret'n from FL ("Goodmorning Fam!" "What's there to eat?" "Whatch doin'" "EWWwww Gross!)

    So is Amsterdam all you thought it would be?
    The Patch & Marps say Hi & "don't worry about us"


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