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Mr. S models his sweater for the ugly sweater party he will attend later this weekend.
I love the miniature sweater pockets appliqued on- they add a nice touch.

I can't believe we have 1 day left until we get on a plane headed for Africa! But can you believe it- a stupid snowstorm is heading our way (usually snow storms are not stupid as they close schools here in VA). We're supposed to get 11-14 inches. I hope that 95 isn't closed and that our plane isn't delayed too much. AHHHHHH!

I'm so excited about our upcoming trip. L.. and I are leaving on Saturday and arrive in Amsterdam early Sunday morning. Because of a lengthy layover we get to spend a day touring the city. On the agenda are Anne Frank House, a canal tour, breakfast and lunch, and perhaps knit shops (I heard a rumor, that I'm hoping is true, about inexpensive addi turbo needles). At 8:55pm we board another plane bound for Cairo and arrive in Egypt at 2:30am.

In elementary school I read the Egypt Game and ever since then I have been fascinated by Egyptian history. I can't believe I'm actually going to visit all of the places about which I have read! After arriving in Cairo we are going to take a cruise down the Nile from Aswan to Luxor. Then we will  take a camel caravan into the White Dessert for 4 days. Back to Cairo for New Year's Eve and then a 5 day trip to Petra and the Dead Sea in Jordan. Finally, we will tour Cairo and Alexandria with my sister E. and her boyfriend D. when they arrive in January. I'm hoping to come back with lots of treasures, from Egyptian cotton fabrics, to buttons and beads, and yarns and fiber. Wish me luck in the markets!

I feel like this past month has been full of marathon knitting. I finished my two surprise gifts for my mom and sister's birthdays in November. I was really happy with how the feather and fan cowl (for my mom) and the neried fingerless gloves (for E.) turned out. Best of all I have enough yarn left over from both projects to create a cowl and fingerless gloves for myself!

Holiday knitting commenced right after finishing the birthday gifts. I've gotten a good amount done, however today is crunch time. I have the tops and thumbs to put on two sets of fingerless mittens, and the leg and cuff to put on a pair of socks. How I will accomplish this before leaving tomorrow I'm not sure. It will truly be a holiday miracle. I do have a silver lining to this fury of knitting- because we aren't celebrating the holidays with L.'s immediate family until we get back those presents can be done on our vacation.

Happy holidays to all. With any luck I will be posting from Egypt in a few days!

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