Guerilla Knitting Help

Hi Worldknit Knitters,

I’m doing the Aspen Farmers Market this summer and I was wondering if you guys could help me. I want to draw attention to my booth by doing a guerilla knitting project, but with all of the stuff I’m making I don’t have time to make the strips of knitting I need for my guerilla knitting idea; I’d like to cover a bike in knitting.

I’m sure like me, you guys have cheap acrylic yarn lying around in your stash. I was wondering if any of you would be willing to knit and donate strips of knitting that I’d sew together on the bike. If it gets any press I’ll provide your name as someone who helped to make the guerilla knitting possible.

The strips can be any color/design (except lace) and should be 4” wide x 3-5” long. If you are interested in participating you can respond to this post or e-mail me worldknits@me.com. I can pick up the strips at knit nights or arrange other pickup. Also if it’s easier you can mail them to me (e-mail me to arrange). I’m leaving for Aspen on June 30.

Thanks for your help!


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