Solomente en el Presente

Imagine if you only lived in the present with no words for past or future. What would your life look like? There would be no should haves, could haves, would haves. No I’m going to, planning to, need to. I can’t think of anything more freeing.

I came to Guatemala trying to escape my past and figure out my future, but here in Guatemala I’m living totally in the present. You see, in espanol I can only speak in the present tense. I can think of few moments in my life when I’ve been one hundred percent totally in the moment, free of worries, cares, and concerns. Totally unencumbered.

A few years back I went to Niagara Falls for a knitting conference. While I was there I visited the falls and they were magnificent. Standing on the hurricane deck alone, with the water rushing over me, I laughed and screamed. All I could think about and feel was the powerful water falling on my head and shoulders. My concerns about life were washed away by the waterfall. It was a profound moment for me, the first time I think I was really aware of being totally in the present.

Maybe one day when my Spanish is better I’ll have a future and a past, but for now I’m enjoying living in the moment.

In 140 words or less what would your life look like if you only lived in the present. Use #nopastfuture.

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