in which i get the most decadent massage

The garden where I got my massage

After I learned that my step-dad was going motorcycling around Greece, I suggested to my mom that she come down and hang out with me here in Guatemala. She took me up on the offer and arrived last Wednesday. The first few days together we walked around the city, shared lunches, and went to the markets. She signed up for Spanish classes at my school and had her first class last Friday. I love that I have adventurous parents.

When Sunday rolled around, we were ready for a wellness day. I haven’t been sleeping very well here - a combination of a hard mattress, the absence of daylight savings time, and mariachi music and fireworks in the middle of the night - and was hoping to get a massage to work out some of the kinks. That morning my mom happened upon the most decadent spa experience. Over coffee at Lonely Planet’s “Best Coffee” in Antigua she saw that the owner was laying out spent coffee grounds on a tray to dry. Curious, she asked him what they were for. He told her that next door they used them for a massage. Intrigued she booked one for both of us that afternoon.

The coffee and chocolate massage was 2 hours long and cost $50. My mom went first and then it was my turn. After completely undressing and laying down on the massage table, the masseuse took hot coffee grounds and rubbed them all over my body. They are a great exfoliator/moisturizer and smell amazing. When she was finished she stepped out of the room. I looked in the mirror and got to see what I would look like with coffee colored skin- oh to be tan. I got into the shower and washed off the coffee. I laid back down and she returned with hot liquid chocolate. Using the chocolate as a moisturizer she massaged it into my skin. It felt phenomenal and smelled delicious- I think my stomach even growled at one point. After she was finished she again stepped out of the room and I washed off the chocolate. My skin was literally glowing and I felt incredibly relaxed. What an amazing experience. If you’re ever in Antigua be sure to book your own decadent coffee and chocolate massage with Maricarmen at the Posado La Merced Antigua, 7a Avienda Norte 43, ph.502.7832.3197.

The next day I found a massage table on amazon and shipped it to my boyfriend as an early anniversary present. It arrived yesterday. We’re instituting a weekly massage morning at our house. I can’t wait to give and experience another coffee and chocolate massage!

The garden at Posado la Merced

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